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Further Reading for Ethical Programming

This post contains further reading for my recent talk on the Slippery Slope of Unethical Programming

Additional Reading

Some things that may be relevant or interesting for further reading on this topic. I’d love to hear more recommendations if you have any. I am no expert and my talk came mostly from a place of personal experience.

Do artifacts have politics

Margaret Hamilton on Software Professionalization

The Most Important Word Silicon Valley Doesn’t Know

Why the web is Communist

Breaking up the Internet

Breaking up app stores

Games as a Service is Fraud

Organisations worth looking into or joining

There are many many many organisations and it’s difficult to find comparative information or to know which ones to recommend for whome. These ones LOOK nice but my first-hand experience is extremely limited. This is part of the problem and I would love any further input on this topic.

South Africa





Algorithmic Justice League

Association of Computing Machinery

Game Workers Unite

IEEE Computer Society


Industrial Workers of the World

Pivot for Humanity

Tech Workers Coalition

More here

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